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About Joke

Johanne Westerveld Cafe Brocante Quillan

I live in the South of France for 12 years now, in a little village called Rennes-le-Chateau, the village that is connected with many mysteries and wonders.

La Source , Domaine des Amis , is my home where friends and everybody who might want to, can come, visit and may be stay a little while to enjoy its rough nature and rich history!

Not so long ago I opened our shop "Renaissance" in Quillan, a cafe/brocante , where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea seated ,surrounded by antiques, brocante and gifts.

The name of the shop is Renaissance; vintage, old items who deserve to have a new life.(see: about Renaissance)

This place I run together with the new man in my life: Franklin Wolff.

Some additional information:  born in the middle of the last century in the Netherlands; proud mother of 3 beautiful grown up children, I have 1 granddaughter and another grandchild on the way!

At first I used to be a teacher and later I was managing director of my own wholesale company, called Joker Import. This company has since many years now a new successful owner. As blood is thicker than wine, I am back , after taking care of La La Source , chambres d'hote, in my old trade in this shop called Renaissance, which means at the same time, my Renaissance.



Contact Information

33, Boulevard Jean Jaurès
Aude, France
Tél. 0468748649email:

Opening Hours

We are opened from Wednesday until Saturday
from 10am till 5.30pm


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